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Take a Chance on a Foreclosure Property

A few months ago, a family friend of mine purchased a foreclosure property. For years, she and her husband searched for a home they could afford. However, their budget wasn’t large enough to buy a new construction in their desired location. They also couldn’t afford the older renovated homes in their hometown either. Thankfully, they found a foreclosure property that they instantly fell in love with. With the assistance of a good real estate attorney, they were able to make their dreams of home ownership come true. On this blog, you will discover how a real estate attorney can guide you through the foreclosure buying process.


Legal Disputes Over Inheritance and Property: Do You Hire a Real Estate Attorney or a Probate Attorney?

When your parents pass away and you expected that you would inherit the house, only to find out that you did not, it can be quite awkward when their will is read. Unless your parents amended their wills and gave very clear instructions and reasons as to why you did not inherit the family home, you may want answers so badly that you hire a lawyer. However, therein lies the conundrum; do you hire a probate lawyer because you are contesting the will, or do you hire a real estate attorney because you want to know if there were any changes made to the deed recently? Read More 

3 Reasons To Hire A Real Estate Lawyer When Negotiating Your Short Sale

Many sellers of a short sale home will try and make negotiations on their own or simply ask for some advice from a real estate agent. The problem with this is that the laws on short sales change constantly, meaning that some information you heard about negotiating a short sale may not work now. Plus, a real estate agent does not specialize on real estate laws, which means their advice could be null, as well. Read More 

Questions To Ask Before Buying A Home

After watching HGTV or going to a housewarming, you may have a bit of new-home envy—and you may find yourself wanting to buy a home of your own. However, if there's anything to be learned from the housing market meltdown, it's that buying before you're ready can have severe consequences. Below are some questions you should ask yourself before committing to homeownership. Is My Income Stable? Can you rely on making the same or more income for at least the next seven years? Read More 

Selling Your Deceased Parents’ Home

If you have recently acquired your parents' estate after your last living parent has passed away, and you are planning on selling the property, you are most likely feeling a bit overwhelmed about the entire process and how it works. There are several points to consider when becoming the executor to an estate, some of which can cost you additional fees if you do not work quickly in resolving matters. Here is some information to help guide you through the selling process when you have acquired an estate of your own. Read More